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Plastos Surgical

Since he completed important research in the field of Burn Injuries, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction and Breast Implants, he was awarded his Doctoral Degree in 1995. OSullivans Plastos Surgical can easily help customers seeking breast reduction or implants and breast augmentation as well.

River Medical

River Medical is a fully Irish owned and operated company. Providing the Highest Global Standards in Cosmetic Care. River Medical has become an industry leader since its foundation in 2008. Providing the most advanced non-surgical offering in Ireland, it deals with over 500 surgical patients each year.We believe that only highly trained nursing and medical staff should advise you on cosmetic procedures. This means you will always be told the true medical facts and will not be pushed, cajoled or persuaded into any procedure by sales people. We will never compromise on facilities, staff or standards of medical care, which means that you are always in the safest possible hands.River Medical is part of a large, diversified Irish business Group. The Group operates in a number of sectors in Ireland and the UK including Media, Hospitality, Entertainment, Education and Property. Companies within the group consist of Radio Nova, Classic Hits 4FM, Carlton Screen Advertising and Signature Bars Dublin Airport.