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Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide – an international organisation dedicated to reducing suffering and working towards the elimination of extreme poverty.


Educo is a registered Irish charity, run by volunteers to raise money to educate impoverished children. 100% of all donations go directly to the target project. There are no admin/ organisation fees.

irish Council for Civil Liberties

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties, An Chomhairle um Chearta Daonna, is an independent, non-governmental membership organisation that works to promote and defend human rights and civil liberties. S

CBM Ireland

CBM reaches out to people with disabilities across the developing world. It works to cure and prevent blindness, deafness and other disabilities.

Irish Red Cross Blog

Red Cross Ireland is part of biggest charitable organization in the world meant to provide voluntary services to victims in Ireland and other countries overseas damaged by war or natural calamities. Host of services such as Ambulance Services, Rescue Services, Community Services, Youth Services and Business Services help thousands of people in Ireland. Donate online to Red Cross Ireland and help save lives of thousands of victims affected by war, natural calamities or accidents. Ireland Red Cross Society is meant to provide humanitarian services to distressed people across Ireland and overseas, backed by thousands of volunteers attached to Irish Red Cross.