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Bio Pure Technologies - Sewage Treatment Services
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More information on: http://www.biopuretech.ie

Bio Pure Technologies - Sewage Treatment Services
Our products are designed to get your existing septic tanks functioning properly and compliant with EU wastewater treatment codes of practice. House sellers must now certify that their properties comply and provide adequate means of waste disposal. Incredible as is sounds, up to 40% of currently installed septic tanks are defective or not functioning correctly.

Problems with your septic tank?
A faulty septic tank will eventually lead to blockages, backed-up toilets, bad odours, overflows and saturated percolation areas which, as well as being a real nuisance to you and others, is illegal and hazardous. If you are experiencing any of these kinds of problems with your septic tank, we will completely refurbish your septic tank and piping and make these problems a thing of the past.

For a full Health Check of your septic tank, Call Brendan on 086 1520035.

The Bio Pure System - the perfect solution!

The Bio Pure System can either be retrofitted to existing septic tanks or installed as part of a new build’s sewage system. Here are some of the benefits:

Minimum disruption to the garden.
Guaranteed odour free, quiet running.
Low electrical running costs (average €40 per annum).
High quality effluent treatment.
High quality, long life components used.
Manufactured in Ireland to highest standards.

URL: http://www.biopuretech.ie


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