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In a perfect World we would all be eating a wholefood diet high in vegetables and fruit and low in processed foods, sugar and salt, processed fats, and alcohol. We would also be getting plenty of exercise and time to rest and recuperate and not to mention drinking plenty of fresh water. If you are managing to do this then congratulations!! You are in a very small minority. The fact is that most of us don’t manage to live this healthy lifestyle for a variety of reasons.

A high percentage of Irish people both young and old are living below their optimal health level. Because of diet and lifestyle choices they never know what it’s like to feel really healthy and energized. Instead, they often suffer from a lack of energy and an array of illnesses which are signs from the body it is under pressure. Over time ignoring these signs can lead to prolonged illness and disease.

Nothing can replace a healthy diet and lifestyle as the main source of health and vitality. However, there is a ‘Superfood’ that is so nutrient packed and such an immune system booster that just a small amount of it in powder or tablet form each day can protect you from the conditions described.

This ‘Superfood’ is called Hawaiian Spirulina!

However, not just any Spirulina will do. Most of the Spirulina brands sold on the high street and online here in Ireland comes from China and in most cases is of questionable quality and can be contaminated by heavy metals and toxins due to China’s polluted environment. Find out why Hawaiian Spirulina is different than all the other Spirulina supplements on the market.

This is the ultimate Superfood! It’s high in protein; it has a huge array of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential and non-essential fatty acids and best of all it’s recognized by the body as a food! Which means, our body’s love it!!



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