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Japanese Knotweed Ireland
Japanese Knotweed Ireland is an established company specializing in the survey, control and removal of Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) in Ireland.

We have been on the front line of seeing this invasive species progress through the country at an alarming rate especially in the last ten years. Another unfortunate result of the economic downturn, due to dormant development sites and lack of funding to control the issue on or road and river networks.

Japanese Knotweed is controlled in Japan naturally by a combination of fungus and insects. However, in the majority of Europe, there are no natural enemies for Japanese Knotweed and it out competes all native species for light, water and nutrients.

More recently in Britain where the plant is readily established and acknowledged as a serious issue, three financial institution have refused to approve mortgages if it was discovered within five km of a property
It's estimated it is causing an estimated 166 million (231m) in damage annually in Britain. The cost to the London Olympics to remove Japanese knotweed from the 10 acre Olympic site cost more than 70 million. Closer to home, as in the case of Kenmare hospital, works to remove the plant cost the hospital in excess of 100,000.

Based in the Munster area, with over fifteen years experience in the Horticulture and Landscaping industries. Japanese Knotweed Ireland has City of Guilds certified operatives. Japanese Knotweed Ireland is fully equipped to tackle large and small scale infestations.

We can offer services from surveying and creating knotweed management plans, right down to multiple approaches to eradicate the problem, which is best suited to your needs and to the scale of the infestation.

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