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Do I Need A BER (Building Energy Rating) Cert For My Business

Commercial BER Certs and Non Domestic BER Certs

You will need a Commercial BER (Building Energy Rating) Cert or Non Domestic BER cert under the following circumstances:

1) When you are selling your commercial premises.

2) When you are renting your commercial premises.

3) You simply want advice on how to reduce your premises heating and electricity bills.

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When You Are Selling Your Commercial Premises

A BER (Building Energy Rating) Cert is required, by law, to process and close the sale of a commercial premises. It is the sole responsibility of the vendor or seller of the property to arrange for the timely completion and production of a valid BER (Building Energy Rating) Cert. It is also worth noting that, as with domestic properties, there is no pass or fail with the BER cert.

Commercial premises include, but are not limited to, shops, factory units, shopping centre premises, restaurants, offices, cr�ches etc.

When You Are Renting Your Commercial Premises

Prior to a new tenant occupying a commercial premises a BER assessment must be carried out. The responsibility to carry out the assesment and obtain the BER (Building Energy Rating) Cert lies completely and fully with the owner of the building.

You Are Simply Seeking Or Looking For Advice On How To Reduce Your premises Heating And Electricity Bills

As part of our BER (Building Energy Rating) assessment process or procedure, we prepare a seperate report, which outlines the ways a homeowner or business owner can reduce, sometimes quiete significantly, their energy bills and costs.

Given the current economic environment and the ever increasing cost of oil, gas and fuel in general, more and more people, are wisely obtaining a BER (Building Energy Rating) cert, so as they can find ascertain ways and means as to how to reduce their fuel bills.

Sample recommendations include the following:

� Use Low energy light bulbs.
� Increase the insulation in the attic.
� Options on how to increase the wall insulation.
� Heating system type
� Controls on the heating system such as TRV�s
� Window upgrades
� Insulate pipework

Our recommendations are individually suited to each dwelling type. We realise that for the vast majority of our clients the initial cost outlay is a major factor when looking to improve their energy efficiency of their home. As a result we take your budget into account prior to providing our recommendations.

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BER Price and Cost

Keeping the BER Price and BER Cost Manageable

Customers must be very careful when ascertaining the price of a BER or the cost of a BER. Many BER assessors advertise a cheap BER price and cheap BER cost, in an attempt to attract a customer�s attention. This ridiculously low BER price and BER cost is completely misleading and usually for a provisional cert for a 1 BED apartment. This can actually be done without the assessor visiting the premises!

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What To Ask When Getting A BER Price Or BER Cost

The 3 main questions you should ask your assessor is,

Does the BER price include the �25.00+VAT registration charge? Most assessors will quote you the cost of the BER excluding this charge.
Does the BER price include VAT?
Are there any other hidden costs (travel costs etc.)?
How is the NextDay BER Price and BER Cost so cheap?

NextDay BER carry out numerous BER assessments, nationwide, daily. Consequently we have assessors travelling throughout the country on a daily basis, or practically on site. This allows us to reduce travel costs and indeed overall costs greatly, which we pass on to our customers in the form of competetive and greatly reduced flat rate BER price or cost.

Further BER Price and BER Cost reductions from NextDay BER

If you are getting 2 or more BER�s then we can give you a reduction on the overall cost.

We find what works good for us and the customer is when a number of friends or family come together to get a number of BER�s done at the same time.

All our prices are inclusive of VAT, SEAI registration charges and there are no hidden costs, i.e. Prices are TOTAL

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