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Vomino | VoIP | Internet Phone Service
Vomino is an irish provider offering quality voip services in Ireland at low cost price. If you want to make cheap voip phone calls, visit vomino website.Vomino is an irish voip company offering voip phone calls at low calling rates. Get cheap voip rates to every destination in the world with vomino. Vomino provides voip services with excellent voice quality at all times.

If you want to make clear international phone calls from Ireland at low cost price, Vomino is made for you. Vomino offers low international phone rates, and free phone calls within all Europe. With Vomino you get an irish landline number for life, no monthly fees and no charges for an annual fee of only 39,99 euros.

Try Vomino for free now, and get the lowest calling rates in Ireland. Vomino works with a regular landline, through any home broadband or mobile phone. Vomino is the only irish prepaid home phone service that only charges the seconds you use, and not full minutes like other phone companies. With Vomino, talk more but pay less.



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