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At present there is no dedicated Ireland-based website serving the needs of breeders/owners of registered pedigree dogs. Breeders wishing to find homes for puppies, who have insufficient prospective homes arranged in advance (numbers born per litter are by nature unpredictable), are obliged to advertise via one of the existing websites. These websites are invariably general sales outlets carrying multiple categories of goods, including a pets section. These breeders might find their advertisements sharing space with badly reared puppies, dogs being sold at cut-down prices etc. The same would apply also to those people who wish or need to sell adult pedigree dogs.

We have recognised a need for a website dedicated to the sale of pedigree dogs in which conscientious, reputable breeders would be happier to advertise on.

Only dogs registered with the IKC and Kennel Club (London) are allowed on the site.

The difference with is that we review every single ad before it is published on our site, ensuring that only ad\'s that meet our criteria will go live.

Every ad that relates to actual dogs, must be accompanied by a photo that promotes responsible dog ownership, showing dogs of good health, and ones that are kept in suitable conditions.



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