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Holistic Store Ireland
The Holistic Store Ireland founded in 2008 is dedicated to providing finest quality spiritual materials for your general spiritual well-being, we pride ourselves of having a wide range of hand made religious, occult and mystic materials such as spiritual oils, high candles, incenses, spiritual soaps, books, gifts items and so on more than anywhere else on the web. We offer consultations through our fully interactive website as well as personal one on one contacts.
Holistic Store Ireland provides finest quality hand made religious, occult, mystic materials, anointing oils, high candles, incenses, spiritual soaps,herbs, books, bath crystals, gifts items. Free love, magic spells, lucky gambling goodluck oils, charms, amulets in hoodoo and Christian tradition.

The last time we checked this site it was unavailable so we have removed the link for your convenience.
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