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Dublin City Lunchtime Market
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Dublin City Lunchtime Market
Dublin City Lunchtime Market with over 30 multicultural associates selling food of all varieties and kinds. Includes English, Irish, Chinese, Lebanese, Spanish, Italian, Germany, Russian, Caribbean, French, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Japanese, Asian, American, etc.
Choices are from Bratwurst Sausages, Pieminister pies, Caribbean curries, Indian Curries, French Cuisine.
Falalel cooking, Lebanese foods, German Frankfurters, Italian and Local Produce are some of the many items you can view and buy at these famous markets. All produce sold at the market are grown or crafted by the stall holders and is either Organic or a related foodstuff, etc.
If you have ever visited European countries, such as Belgium, France, Spain or Germany, you will no doubt have discovered street markets are their treasures, teaming with colour, vibrant energy and traditionally a meeting ground for the local community and visiting tourists.
So why not call to Park Place, Harcourt Street on Thursday and see it happening!



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