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Metal Fusion Training Services Ltd
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Metal Fusion Training Services Ltd
Metal Fusion Training Services specialise in the training of welder\'s from the beginner and intermediate level, to the advanced welder seeking testing & certification.

Metal Fusion Training Services run training courses in:
Manual Metal Arc (MMA)
Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)
Manual Inert Gas (MIG)
Oxygen / Acetylene gas welding.

In addition to advanced training for welders seeking certification, we also run basic welding courses for the complete beginner wishing to reach a competent standard for general fabrication or DIY projects. Courses are also available for the intermediate welder wishing to master welding technique to further increase their opportunities in industry and reach Welder Qualification Test WQT to EN287 or ASMEIX.

A professionally trained welder can reduce costs by eliminating rework, whilst improving repeatability, quality and productivity. As a result, an increasing number of companies in the steel fabrication, pipeline, mechanical services, heating and plumbing, catering and car body repair businesses are seeking to improve their welder\'s capabilities & reach higher standards.

All our courses are personalised. After assessing a trainee, we can recommend the most appropriate level and length of course required. Each trainee is assigned their own equipment & welding bay for the duration of each course & all consumable items and work pieces are included in the cost of the course.

A certified welder has a distinct advantage when seeking employment in today\'s highly competetive job market. Large Engineering, Structural, or pipeline projects in Ireland, U.K. or mainline Europe require fully certified welders to complete their projects.

At Metal Fusion Training Services we aim to put our trainees in the best position to avail of all the opportunities in engineering, steel fabrication, pipeline and other related industries.

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