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Who was St. Patrick?
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Who was St. Patrick?
Who was St. Patrick? That is a very good question and a bit of a difficult one to answer considering that there may have been two Patricks, the Roman Saint “Palladius” a predecessor of his being the other. A theory conceived and popularized by T. F. O’Rahilly in 1942 when he published a lecture entitled “The Two Patrick’s”. So comes the trouble of separating the attributes of each from one another.

For starters, we know that the one called “Patrick” was originally named Magonus Sucatus or Maewyn Succat. We also know that he was not Irish, not even a wee bit. In fact, he was a “British” or more accurately a Celtic Briton (Romanized Celts) missionary who was abducted by King Niall of the Nine Hostages when he was about 16 years old. He spent his days as a slave serving as a shepherd in the Slemish Mountain (a speculated location) to Meliuc or Milchu of Antrim, a landowner and druid high priest who bought him. That is until he escaped their clutches around the age of 20 by heeding the advice of a “voice” within a dream which inspired devout faith as he interpreted it as being God’s own. He then hiked 200 miles to Wexford where he prayed for passage aboard a ship which he was refused then later granted. A second dream he accounted, involved a missionary named Victorious. According to his Confessions.
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