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Right Price Rentals
Right Price Rentals founder and managing director Mr. Patrick McCann announced yesterday Right Price Rentals is now open for business nationwide in Ireland. Patrick stated \"Iím very happy to be back on Irish soil and even more excited about helping Irish landlords and tenants receive a professional service at a price no other agent in Ireland can beat\" Right Price Rentals was set up in Ireland in 2006 by Patrick. In 2007 he moved the business to the south east of England due to the down turn in Ireland. Over the past 3 years he has grown the company year on year even in a recession climate and now has 7 offices in the south east of England. This year he is very happy to be back on Irish soil as this is were it all started and is even more excited about Right Price Rentals Business opportunity for those out there looking for an easy challenge to make money full-time or part-time. We are so confident that by using our fast growth business model you will make your business opportunity fee back in the first 12 months of starting, that if you donít, we will refund you the difference ourselves!Ē

Patrick says ďI donít think you will find too many opportunities like that on the market today\" Patrick has set out to fully service the rental market in Ireland and is confident he will achieve this within 2 years. He also talked about this to be the start of many exciting things he had up his sleeve and stated\" If your on my team I promise you will succeed\" Right Price Rentals is surely in the right place at the right time as the selling market in Ireland has left and will not be back for many years to come, the only way forward is renting in Mr. McCannís way as he states things will worsen by the end of 2010-11 as interest will be raised extremely once again by the central E.U bank which will force people to rent.

If you would like information on this business opportunity simply visit or call 1800 911 110



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