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Irish History Journal
The Irish History Journal is a unique online journal covering the history of Ireland and its diaspora. Through a blend of content, discussion, audio and video, we will explore Ireland\'s past with new perspectives and insights.

Irish History Journal invites contributions from authors, academics and writers with an interest in Irish History in Ireland or further afield.

The History Journal website welcomes contributions from our members. If you are knowledgeable about Irish History Topics, please feel free to contact us or use our Online Submission service. All site submissions that are published will receive Author Credits, and be made available to our worldwide membership. It\'s a great way to have your say and be heard by Irish History enthusiasts all around the world!

The last time we checked this site it was unavailable so we have removed the link for your convenience.
We will check the link regularly and reinstate it as soon as the site is back online.


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