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Wildflowers of Ireland is a newly launched website in the area of our environment and heritage.

It is a personal record of the wildflowers of Ireland and not only does it carry scientific descriptions and photographs of the plants, but it also gives herbal and literary references, as well as genuine folklore of wildflowers from Ireland and further afield.

It has been compiled by Zo? Devlin, an Irish woman who has been passionate about this often overlooked part of our natural heritage. It is the result of a lifetime?s interest in the subject which began, many years ago, on being shown a wild orchid by the late Dr Kathleen Lynn to whom Zo? was related.

The website has been designed for easy navigation with a plant listing, a facility for finding the flower by colour, a page which groups plants by family and a search facility for plants by month of flowering.

All the photographs on the website were taken by Zo? Devlin herself and she includes a comprehensive glossary of the relevant terms together with a helpful ?In Flower Now? listing.

In her introduction to the website,

Zo? Devlin says: ?Conservation of our wildflowers is of the utmost importance as they are now facing threats on several different sides? and she expresses a hope that

?through education and awareness of the diversity of our wildflowers, perhaps, just perhaps, the tide can be held back a little longer?.



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