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The following local legend tells how St. Patrick came to leave his footprint on a rock at Red Island during his brief stay on St. Patrick's Island. When St. Patrick was expelled from Wicklow by the pagan natives he sailed northwards and landed on a small island off Skerries, which is now known as St. Patrick's Island in his honour. When the saint arrived on this island he had with him a goat, which was his companion and source of milk. From this island St. Patrick came to the mainland to convert the local people. While St. Patrick was ashore on one of these visits some people from Skerries went out to the island and stole his goat. They killed the goat, cooked it and feasted on it. When St, Patrick went to the island he found his goat missing. This made him very angry and in two giant strides he reached the mainland. Read more on Sharon's homepage



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