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No Flush urinal
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More information on: http://www.brwaterless.ie

No Flush urinal
brwaterless is trading waterless No-Flush urinals of Waterless Co. in ROI and the UK. No-Flush urinals provide total water conservation and significant cost reduction in water charges and maintenance, increase if hygiene and elimination of bad smells in men's restrooms.More than 35.000 installations worldwide make Waterless Co. the market leader and prove, that these fixtures work. The principle is very simple and it is simplicity that works. No movable parts that can block are used and our patented barrier liquid is 100 % bio-degradable. No Flush urinals are protecting the environment in saving the precious good water.

The last time we checked this site it was unavailable so we have removed the link for your convenience.
We will check the link regularly and reinstate it as soon as the site is back online.


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